Virtual Steam Power Educational Conference

How small steam engines can help save the planet

August 28, 2021
9:00 AM to 12:00 noon Pacific Time (UTC-08:00)

This Event will be Live-Streamed on YouTube and the first 40 people to Register will get to participate Live on the Zoom call and ask our Steam Power Pioneers and Engineers their questions.

Registration to participate via Zoom: Registration Form
YouTube Link: Will post 3 days before Event

Engineers and scientists throughout the world are advancing steam power technology today.


- The world's smallest steam engine, 1/20th the size of a human hair.

- Electric power without pollution.

- Automobiles, trains, airplanes, ships, buses, motorcycles that operate on clean fuel and are non-polluting.

- Your home, church, school, business, and neighborhood powered entirely by solar thermal electric energy - all day and all night long.

- Quiet, clean, powerful, palm-sized steam engines operating on virtually any fuel, even hydrogen.

- Steam engines that recover excess engine heat and convert it to useful work.

- Engines that can operate underwater or in outer space without air.

- Clean drinking water and power from human waste.

The technology is here and is the place to find the latest information.

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